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Somnambulist Blues
Destroyer & Sandro Perri
Looking Glass
Release Date
October 18, 2022

I notice I come back to Sandro’s music as something to sing to in crossroads moments of my life in music. “Everybody’s Paris, pt. III” was definitely one of those before-and-afters. I think “Somnambulist Blues” (or “Peter Greenaway,” or “Madness In Heaven” - I rifled through these three titles but landed on the first) is another one. Hard to say at this point.

There is something about the landscape Sandro lays out – it's a world in which things become imminently singable. A lotta room to roam, and all of it good. Somehow I always find the pulse, even in a Hammond/ocarina drone.

The words (and whatever shreds of vocal melody) are mostly improvised, one take, something I’ve never really tried before. I usually like to write things down. Don’t really know where the words came from – I know they describe a dark place, which I see as good. It means they made it out in one piece.

I’ll probably try and do a lot more of this kind of thing. I can’t imagine going back to songs.

- Dan Bejar, 2022

Written by Dan Bejar
Vocals by Dan Bejar
Hammond organ, acoustic bass guitar, electric guitar, vocoder, ocarina, and tiny bell by Sandro Perri
Produced and mixed by Sandro Perri
Mastered by Al Carlson at Gary's Electric (Brooklyn, NY)

Copyright Control Daniel Bejar (SOCAN)

Destroyer appears courtesy of Merge Records

Single art by Sam Ryser

Digital Tracklist

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    Somnambulist Blues

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